Paular Monastery – Purgatory Waterfall

You may start thinking your walk is about natural scenery, beautiful views and a waterfall for dessert, but you end up realising that is much more than that.

To start with there is the Paular Monastery part of the medieval Spanish Heritage which is worth the guided visit if you have the time. Impressive Barroco – Roccoco style but also you may learn about the life in a Benedictine monastery.

Oposite El Paular you will find the Arboretum Ginés de los Ríos, these days not very well looked after, I have to say.

Then you cross the river walking the Puente del Perdón, not just a civil bridge. It has a legend about the convicted men who crosses it were forgiven from the charges in a summary quick trial, otherwise (plan B) is being handed near by.

Now you start walking by Las Presillas, a recreational area with “natural” swimming pools for the people to enjoy in summer.

You may be able to appreciate the economy of the area, mainly based on livestock farming and timber.

Then you will walk throughout an oak forest, in the past people made charcoal with this resource. Specially interesting in autumn.

And yes, at last you find yourself in front of a waterfall in a narrow granitic gorge produced by the enormous seismic pressure.

If you are fit enough and use to climb you may see the second fall a few meters up.

Enjoy it!

Camino_del_Purgatorio Chorrera_Purgatorio Chorrera_Purgatorio_2

Meeting:               Puente del Perdón. Oposite El Paular. Rascafría
Duration:               4.00 to 5.00 hours.
Length:                 11,5 km
Ascent:                  350 m
Type of route:      Circular.
Difficulty:               Easy.
Equipment:           Walking boots.
Recommendaions: Plenty of water and sun cream in summer. Swimming costume.